Blowmate® Exclusive Black Bronze 2/12

Blowmate® Exclusive Black Bronze 2/12

Do you love a good cigar but you rather enjoy it in exclusive company? Then this design will become your loyal Blowmate®: no more reason not to savour these exclusive moments...


The Blowmate® is not designed for smoking... only for tasting.

  • Material

    The Exclusive Blowmate® is made out of bronze. It has been patinated through a specific oxidation process to obtain a black color.

    The number of Exclusive Blowmates® in limited and numbered. Due to the complex production process, the delivery takes up to 6 weeks. Order your Exclusive Blowmate® on time! The name of the owner will be engraved in each Exclusive Blowmate®

  • Specifics

    Your Blowmate® is designed by Tessa De Buysere and handmade in Belgium. Every item is unique! Minor colour differences are part of the production process. 

    The beauty of 'handmade' lies in its imperfections, right?

  • Maintenance

    Just blow out the ashes and clean it with lukewarm water on a soft cloth. Do not scrub as this will damage the patina!
    When your Blowmate® is completely dry, apply some natural PH-neutral beeswax. Do not use car wax or other synthetic waxes.

    Do not put the Blowmate® in the dishwasher. 

  • Dimensions and weight

    W x L x H = 13,5 x 20,5 x 4,5 cm    -    2.4 kgs